Some good news!

We've hit the NZ$3000 mark! Which is what we estimated we would need to get Moem over here :D

Anything further we make will help us to make both the trip and the Convention even more pleasant :-) So if you if you haven't made a donation yet, and want to, you can sleep easy knowing we won't squander it on ice cream, unless it happens to make the trip/convention more pleasant.

Thanks everyone who has made a donation of books, time, money or encouragement! It's much appreciated!
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Would anyone be interested...

if I set up a community for fundraising for bcx? This way I don't have to cross post between the 3 different communities and people who don't want to read don't have to. It would also mean people who had ideas could post them into the community.

I'm X posting this between my lj, and the bookcrossing and bcx pages again.